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Todd R Smith - Voice-Over - Sincere - Direct - Real - New Fresh Male Real Person Voices - SF Bay Area Voice Actor - Voice-Over for the Rest of Us

– Visit my Voice Over site where you’ll find my VO Commercial Demo and some Videos


Tips, information and stuff to make your life a bit easier

– Discover tips, techniques and aids to help your baby sleep. Baby Sleep TipsClick Here for Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep – What has worked for my family and others –


Fun and unique designs on T-shirts & Sweatshirts for Kids, Babies & Adults on clothing manufactured by American Apparel & Bella among others. We also feature Bags, Buttons, Hats, Mugs, Cards, Mouse Pads and more.

Media-free hand drawn designs on T-Shirts & gifts for Infants, Toddlers, Kids and the rest of us.Playgarden Doodles – Designed and printed in California – [GET COUPON CODES]


Unique and fun designs on shirts and gifts - designed and printed in California

Unique & fun designs on Tee Shirts & Gifts for teens and Adults –Cussdum Designs – Designed and printed in California – [GET COUPON CODES]


- A Variety of Good Stuff to Buy

eXtreme Outdoor Toys for Kids (and Adults), T-Shirts with Doodle Nut Characters, and  Sexy2Scary Adult Costume Finder


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