Sleep Tips That Help My Baby Sleep Through the Night

Baby Sleep Tips and Tricks

An extensive collection of baby sleep tips and ideas that have helped my kids sleep longer, deeper, and better.

I know you’re busy so I’ve tried to be concise.

Read through each chapter, it will be worth it.  Here we go… 

Helping your baby learn how to sleep is one of the most important gifts you’ll ever give them.  It can take some work, but it’s a skill they’ll carry with them the rest of their life.

The tips, techniques and aids  you discover in the chapters listed below will help your baby sleep better.

Every tip may not be right for every child so, use your own judgement & check with your baby’s health care provider regarding any advice you wish to follow (disclaimer).

All the Chapters at a Glance:

Set Up For Success

1. Set Yourself  Up For Success – Information that can set the foundation for putting your baby to sleep. [Read more…]


The Magic Solution

2. The Magic Solution – What works varies from baby to baby. Find what works for your baby.  [Read more…]


My Hybrid Approach (a case study)

3. Cry it out or rock your baby to sleep?   My Hybrid Approach –  Either extreme has pitfalls. Get results for healthy baby sleep. [Read more…]


Moderation – The Key in Sleep Training

4. Moderation – the Key in Sleep Training – Two – real life – examples about how I got my babies to learn healthy sleep habits. [Read more…]


Developing a Consistent Rhythm & Routine

5. Developing a Consistent Rhythm & Routine – Sticking to a consistent bedtime and morning waking routine is the foundation of solid baby-toddler-kid sleep . [Read more…]


Tired Signs - Don’t Delay

6. Learn your baby’s tired signs –  Tired Signs? Don’t Delay.  Design their sleep routine to coincide with the signs that your baby is ready for sleep. [Read more…]

Temperature and Humidity

7. Temperature and Humidity – The proper temperature and humidity in your baby’s room can help them sleep much better. [Read more…]


Feedings for Better Sleep

8. Feedings for Better Sleep – Squeezing in extra feedings to attempt to help your baby to sleep can backfire and disrupt longer periods of healthy sleep. [Read more…]


Background Sounds and Noise

9. Background Sounds and Noise – The right balance of background noise, and quiet night sounds can enable your baby to sleep deeper and more restfully. [Read more…]


Night and Day

10. Night and Day – When you control the visual and sound clues that teach your baby the difference between night and day they are able to more easily embrace sleep. [Read more…]

Night Time Waking and Diaper Changes

11. Night Time Waking and Diaper Changes – Middle of the night? Knowing when to change and when not to change your baby’s diaper can help them sleep better. [Read more…]


Sleep Through the Night and Transitioning Techniques

12. Sleep Through the Night and Transitioning Techniques – Lots of tips for a peaceful transition from day to night for your baby will help them sleep longer and more peacefully at night. [Read more…]

Switch Off with Your Partner

13. Switch Off with Your Partner – Sharing the load will ensure everyone gets a better nights sleep. [Read more…]


Additional Resources

14. Resources – Books, videos and websites to gain more information – help you make informed decisions and potentially create a better life. [Read more…]


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