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– Take 10 – Final

Welcome to my Voice-Over Video Sandbox!

What is the Voice-Over Video Sandbox? Well, Real Person Male Voice Actor Todd R. Smith says, “It’s my place for trying things out, having some fun, and promoting my work as a voiceover actor.  I am voice talent in the SanFrancisco Bay Area and available for narration, audiobooks, interactive gaming, commercials, films, documentaries, corporate, websites, and e-learning.  My signature is an authentic voice of reason. No really. I can do unreasonable – but I love to do authentic and reasonable. Plus… I’m delicious, refreshing, and 100% guaranteed. Don’t believe me? Check out my guarantee. The videos below are hosted on my Voice-Over Voice Actor Videos channel at YouTube. Enjoy!”

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This exercise all began when I started working on a new monologue. It’s the scene from the movie Waking the Dead where Billy Crudup has been elected to the US Congress and he and his family are at a celebration dinner at a restaurant. It should all be happy – but he’s been obsessed about a previous relationship with a woman who died. He keeps seeing her, and talking to her, and he’s not sure if she’s real or imagined. The question of whether or not she actually was killed remains unresolved. It’s making him lose it.You know what “it” is right?

Once I memorized the monologue I thought I should record it with my computer webcam so I could see how the monologue was working. Well, I had so much fun watching that little video that I wanted to do another one – and another one – and on and on for 10 takes

The takes have the same core – but I played with the performance and camera a bit – trying out new things. It was a blast. A blast for me anyway. You’ll have to see how it is for you.  So, I took the last take – take 10 – and added titles and music. I was just going to post it here all by itself. But then – for fun – I glanced at those other 9 takes again. Well, I am a sucker for this acting stuff because I got pulled right in again and decided to post 3 of the 10 takes.