Terry’s Character Boot Camp

The final night of Terry McGovern’s Character Boot Camp at  The Marin Actor’s Workshop – 

It was a lot of fun and intense. Terry was patient, crazy, helpful, and he didn’t let us off the hook until we said “yes”, incorporated his direction, and made progress (just the way it should be).

Terry McGovern - Marin Independent Journal

Newspaper clipping – all about Terry McGovern from his website – (not from this Character Boot Camp) – copyright Marin Independent Journal 2005

I didn’t know what to expect. I was skeptical that I might not cut the mustard. And now that it’s over,  I can’t believe how much I learned. He is full of industry tips, insights, and stories.

Character voices were a big unknown for me. I love creating character voices – but could I sustain them and re-create them over and over again? Well, this class is exactly what I needed to boost my confidence and give me a ton of insights about creating characters – voicing characters – and auditioning for character parts. It was an excellent 12 hour investment and having it spread over 3 weeks gave me ample time to prepare for each class.

The beauty is that this work will help me with all my voice acting. I’ve learned techniques that I can pull back to improve my signature sound.

Thanks Terry for a fun, insightful and rewarding class.

– Todd

Hello World! A Site is Born

Todd R. Smith

It’s time for a new adventure. I’m excited.

Thanks for joining me on this ride.  “Why??? [beat] Are you coming apart?” 🙂

~ Todd R. Smith ~

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