The Magic Solution

The Magic SolutionSo, what’s the magic solution?

Unless you get lucky – there are no quick fixes. Techniques and aids can help your baby achieve a healthy sleep but there’s not a one size fits all. You’ll need to discover which ones work for you and your baby.

Rarely do you use a single tip or product and it immediately works. It’s a journey for baby and parent to find the correct combination of techniques that work.

It may take days or weeks to fine-tune them, so they work for your child. But if you persist and pay attention – you will succeed, and you, your baby, and your family will love it. 🙂

I recommend you try anything that resonates with you. Ask yourself what’s it worth to find a sleep technique or aid that helps. The answer to that question will be different for each person. It may be worth getting a book, a sleep aid or spending time researching and finding tips online that may be able to help your baby sleep better.

Here’s a couple of examples of sleep aids I created for my kids that worked…

My Helpful Arm:
My daughter would cry and cry for hours from colic and gas bubbles. My sleep deprivation from staying up with her and hearing her cry was very stressful for me. Then I discovered that my daughter could be comforted by lying belly down on my arm. That discovery was wonderful because she was much more at peace. But hours and hours of lying on my arm made my arm ache and prevented me from getting housework done. So I made a soft but firm contraption which could hold my daughter for short periods of time – belly down, and it felt like my arm. When my arm needed a rest, I’d use my contraption to hold my daughter. She got the relief she needed, and my arm got a little break.

My Ocean/Womb Sound:
In another case, I created a soothing sound loop by recording a plastic grocery bag that I then digitally slowed down and mixed across multiple tracks. It ended up sounding like the ocean, and it really helped calm her down when she was restless.

I researched sleeping tips, and I got books and aids like slings, humidifiers.  The final result was my kids ended up with better sleep.

Here are some ideas.

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